Digital Sculptural Enlargement and Rapid Prototyping by 3D RapidE

3DR offers an advance technique that allows artists to create their art work in any scale that they desired at a competitive price. Our FARO Platinum Laser ScanArm is the most versatile arm that could digitally capture any object without removing any components. This seven axes Laser ScanArm has precision up to 0.0005” (0.13 mm), therefore the diversion from the original artwork is extremely minimal.  Once the Polygon file has been created from the 3D images captured by the arm, artists could choose to recreate their work in any size using either our 4 axis CNC machine or Dimension 3D printer.

Without the headache of scaling proportion which relies mainly on the ability and experience of the modelers, the digital enlargement and 3D printing process could eliminate these hassles with an efficient time line. The Dimension 3D printing machine has an ability to build 3D sculpture at the maximum size of 10”x10”x12” within 24 hours.  The polystyrene foam enlargement via 4 axis CNC machine could complete a 13’ height monument within 9 days.  

3DR is a sister company of Thai Metal Crafters (TMC), the leading and the most high-tech fine art foundry in Thailand. 3DR locates in facility next to TMC, therefore artists’ recreated sculpture could be delivered directly to TMC foundry for the molds and then casting. With this combined force,  ,TMC have  completed a full scale bronze production of a 7’x22’x13’ monument, from enlargement straight through bronze, within 6 weeks.

Learn more about our process below:  For more technical information on the Laser ScanArm and Dimension 3D printer, please chick on the link:

3D printer


1. Object is placed on the stand and our 7 axis Faro Laser Scanner arm will capture the object by laser and translates it into a 3D digital image. The original model doesn’t have to be dissected or cut into pieces because the arm can be rotated freely and capture all detail even from the blind angle.

2. Once the initial scanning is completed. Our staff will transform the captured 3D image into a polygon file using reversed engineering software. Then all the tiny holes that could not be captured using the laser scanner will be filled. Here your digital model can be manipulated, enlarged or reduced into any size you desire.

3. If the desired remodel size is within 10” x 10” x 12”, we could send it directly to our 3D printer.  Once the printing is completed, the remodel can be sent straight to molding.

4. For larger resizing, your polygon will be exported as STL file.  Our staff will calculate how each part will be cut and set up the milling scale to match our 4 axis CNC parameter. Then the solid block of high-density foam will be used as a medium to crate the resized model.

5. When the milling of each part is done. Each part that has been cut by foam will be put back together. The accuracy of the foam surface finishing is 95% true to the original art work, here we will bring in experience and professional in-house modelers to complete the surface and texture of the enlargement piece.

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